The No. 1 Way To Lose Weight Without Banning ANY Food

My mission is simple: To help you lose weight, gain energy and improve your health.

Join the hundreds of ladies who have already lost weight, gained more energy, improved their sleep, all through following my simple steps.
The No. 1 Way To Lose Weight Without Banning ANY Food

What my clients say:

“Lamorna’s Nutrition for Life course is excellent. I can’t praise it highly enough. I was feeling really low on energy and wanted to understand whether changing my diet might help. It’s made such a difference learning more about nutrition theory AND how it applies to my own life. I have more energy, feel more in control of what I eat, and have lost some excess weight in the process! And as a bonus, I now feel better equipped to share healthy food habits with my young daughter, which I hope will stand her in really good stead.”

Kate Kate

“I was lucky enough to be part of Lamorna’s Nutrition for Life course. I have learnt to control my relationship with food and build up knowledge piece by piece. This was so very different from anything else I have experienced as it wasn’t about the wham bam life change, it was about building up to a point where you were in control, one step at a time. I only wish I had actively participated throughout the 12 weeks as the last few weeks have shown a 10lb weight loss! Thanks Lamorna!!! Xxx”


“It's not a diet, it's not a plan, but a success platform to change your habits and mindset around how we eat and our relationship with food. If you struggle to stick to a plan, if you're constantly feeling like you've failed or you get to a point that you sabotage your success if you have a "bad day", if you live by your scales and believe they hold the key to your success, then you will absolutely benefit from Lamorna's help. I found lost of these subtle changes made a big impact in just a few short weeks. And guess what? It didn't feel like a chore. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, she has a great system to get that personal touch every time xx”


About Lamorna

Certified PT and Nutritionist

I work with women who are committed to their careers and families but have forgotten about their own health. Are you confused by all the mixed messages getting thrown around? Do you sometimes feel guilty after eating food that you enjoy? Is food your best friend and your worst enemy? What separates me from others is that what I offer is based on results, science and a genuine want to help others. Whether your focus is to find more energy, lose some weight, eat better or simply improve your health, Lamorna Nutrition for Life course will help you achieve your goals.
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